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Frequently Asked Questions

What should my child expect during the visit?
All office evaluations include a patient history, a physical exam, and an EKG. At the discretion of our physicians some patients may undergo an echocardiogram. The examinations and procedures performed during the office evaluation are not painful or uncomfortable. If possible please try not to apply heavy lotions to your child prior to the visit as the lotion affects the EKG quality.

How long is the visit?
The time required from initial arrival in our office to completion of the evaluation is generally less than one hour.

What do I need to bring at the time of my visit?
Please bring your insurance information, photo identification, and a referral if required by your insurance plan. Our office will ask for a co-payment upon your arrival if specified by your insurance plan. All major credit cards are accepted

Can my teenager come by him/herself?
All patients under 18 must be accompanied by a parent, legal guardian, or authorized adult representative.

What insurance do you accept?
Pediatric Cardiology of Virginia, P.C. accepts all insurance plans. If possible before your visit consider verifying that our office or individual physicians are considered “in network” with your insurance plan.

Do you offer fetal echos?
Thanks to sophisticated technology, most congenital heart defects can be diagnosed before birth. While learning that the baby’s heart is less than perfect can be difficult for families, many treatment options are available. Prenatal diagnosis allows valuable time to plan intelligently for the future. Our physicians offer plenty of time for consultation and family dialog, and can help the family decide whether other diagnostic studies, like amniocentesis, are needed.

What should I know about Early Diagnosis?
Fetal heart anomalies can usually be diagnosed at about 16 to 18 weeks gestation, using fetal echocardiography. This is a safe, noninvasive ultrasound procedure that allows the cardiologist to assess the structure, function and heart rhythm of the fetal heart. Very few pediatric cardiologists in the United States are trained to perform and interpret fetal echocardiograms.

If there's a problem, can you develop a Care Plan?
Yes, If the cardiologist identifies a heart problem, our team works with the family and obstetrician to develop a plan of care. We can also facilitate a consultation with a cardiothoracic surgeon to discuss surgical options and outcomes. And we can arrange an opportunity to meet other members of the pediatric cardiac team, as needed.

Consultations can be scheduled by calling (804) 285-1611.

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